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Let’s kick this party off right.

First, i’m going to humble myself by posting a semi-failure. Not in taste, but in preparation and appearance. I made the matzoh ball soup from VWaV, and I don’t think I processed the crackers fine enough because they look well…chunky. I’ll do better next time.


Biscuits! I took a recipe that was really vague and put it together with what I know about making fluffy biscuits, and added some nutritional yeast and oregano. They tasted like pizza, which gave me an idea which i’m not going to tell you because i’m putting it in the book!


Spanakopita, also from VWaV. Last night, Brian went to some work Christmas outing and I declined since I didn’t want to eat a salad for dinner, so I decided to take the opportuniy to make something he would never eat: spinach pie! I used a bag and a half of baby spinach, I don’t think that was quite enough. This was my second experience with phyllo dough. I really really hate it, i’m too impatient for that stuff. It wasn’t as hard to work with since this time I was just layering it in a dish and I used non-stick cooking spray instead of brushing it with olive oil (please forgive me). But I think next time i’ll stick to those pre-made phyllo cups.

Spankin' the pita.

This is what we had for dinner tonight. “Meatloaf”, from Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes, and something like scalloped potatoes that I made up at the last second. Some people’s recipes I know that I can trust completely, but i’ve learned that with Robin Robertson, sometimes her food can be a little bland for my liking. So I added garlic, mushrooms, and several herbs to the meatloaf mix. This is a recipe made with veggie burgers, I thawed them in the microwave and then had to mush them up with my hands and it was really gross. It came out kind of dry and I forgot to make the gravy, which was okay by me since I like ketchup but Brian had to eat it as is.

A couple of months ago, I was browsing the free store on base. I found a mandolin slicers with the vegetable holder thingie and all of the plates. So I took it home, and even though i’d never pay $30 for one, I want to marry it and have its babies. I can murder an onion in ten seconds flat without the tears. Tonight when I decided, “I want potatoes, but I don’t want to chop them or boil them or anything.”, it came to my rescue. I sliced a few of them with the mandolin, took a package of cheez sauce I bought for such lazy days, mixed it with rice milk and butter, added some salt, put it all in a dish, topped it with bread crumbs, and the rest is history. It was pretty good for something I threw together in five seconds flat, it could’ve used a little more salt though.

'meat' n' taters.

posted: 06 December 18
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