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A very small Christmas post.

I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures at Christmas period, let alone the food. Mostly because everything I made, was made at Thanksgiving. Except for the cherry cobbler, which we burned (but ate around the burned parts and it was awesome). And since Christmas is at the grand-in-laws house, there was a lot of non-vegan stuff that I didn’t make so I didn’t take a picture of the spread. Why is it that every year someone manages to bring up ham talk? Gross. Anyway, here’s a picture of some leftovers we brought home:

Christmas leftovers.

Egg free noodles in veggie broth, apple pecan cornbread stuffing (which turned out MUCH better this time around), and broccoli chickpea casserole. I also made sweet potatoes and banana bread, but those got left with grandpa because I made them for him anyway. Grandma made stuffing too, and I guess no one was interested in bread this year because no one but us ate our own. I made the chickpea casserole from Brian’s mom and I, since it’s a non-fatty dish and no one else even asked what it was. Brian’s family is rather unadventurous. If they don’t recognize it on sight, they don’t want it. It’s not the vegan thing, because they don’t know that i’m a vegan. I don’t think that most of them even notice that I don’t eat meat.

This is pre-christmas porn, I actually made it on the day we left so I had to freeze the leftovers and hope they’d warm up okay. Luckily, they did. This is the stewed tofu and potatoes in miso gravy from VWaV, with extra gravy:

T'aint pretty, but it's good.

posted: 06 December 29
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