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Some testing and part of my day, in food.

I go through periods where i’m obsessed with food: I want to make lots of things, I spend way too much time looking at food porn on Flickr, and I always think i’m hungry. Then I go through spots where I don’t want to do anything food related, and try to get by on snacking and sammiches. This is not one of those times.

First off, we have another recipe i’m testing for a fellow PPKer. After three recipes I feel that I can trust her cooking abilities, so i’m probably going to step up my testing of her recipes, so that way when i’m ready to test the bulk of mine I won’t have to feel bad for not doing hers anymore. That was kind of babbly, I think. It’s six am, i’ll come back later and edit it if it really is. Anyway, Kasha Varnishkes:

Kasha Varnishkes

Then we have my very first test recipe. I’ve made up stuff before, but i’ve never written my own recipe so I was a little nervous that I was going to mess something up. A few things were off taste wise, but I could see where I went wrong and what the best possible solution is, so i’m confident that it won’t take long to pull these bad boys together. Did I just say bad boys? Pizza biscuits:

My very first test recipe - pizza biscuits.

I feel like i’m lying when I tell people I have a job, because it doesn’t feel like work to sit here and surf the internet all day while waiting for a ding so I can…surf the internet for someone else. Either way, i’ve started eating like I have a job. That’s right, frozen Amy’s burrito for lunch today:

Work food.

I was going to take pictures of my dinner, but I was having problems with someone bitching me out on the phone while I was making it, so then I wasn’t hungry, and when my hunger came back I scarfed it down too fast to care about pictures. I made bbq tempeh (made with my own super-secret bbq sauce), sweet potatoes that I boiled and then sauteed in butter with brown sugar, and sauteed green beans. It was wonderful, even after I had to nuke it.

Then in my sadness, I went and bought ice cream. And Hersheys magic shell, because I had heard at least one of them was vegan (and it is), and I was feeling bitter about not getting hot fudge sundaes. Take this, hot fudge.

Sundae, yummy sundae.

I’m not too crazy about the chocolate peanut butter Soy Delicious. I thought it was kind of bland and watery. Oh well, I guess that means i’ll just have to put more magic shell on it next time.

posted: 07 January 11
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