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The first real post.

Hi.  It’s 6:39 in the god damn morning.  I have been copying and pasting links and entries, but it got boring so I decided to ramble a bit before passing out.

Spring has sprung in Tennessee and I am so so happy.  We can open the windows during the day and it’s sunny and happy happy happy.  Brian and I picked up the yard and put some stuff in the crawl space, and I staked out my garden plot yesterday.  I hope it’s big enough.  I have no idea exactly what i’m going to plant besides the obvious tomatoes.I’m going to plant some bushes along the back fence because the people who live behind us annoy me and have a lot of junk in their yard that I don’t like looking at.  We’re going to spread some grass seed.   I’m going to get put down some stepping stones that lead from the back of the house to the front.  Hopefully with the tax returns we will have enough to get our fence up, and those are pretty much the outdoor plans for the year.  Next year will probably be solely dedicated to putting up the car port that Brian wants, if he’s here in the summer to do it.

Brian finished painting his room and we bought him a new office chair that I found in an antique store.  I’ll have pictures once he puts up his shelves.  If he ever puts up his shelves.  I also ordered some stuff for the extra bathroom and we bought some white paint, someday soon i’m going to sand down the bumps and paint over the tan or taupe or whatever the color is called.  I would rather paint it black but we are trying to think about resale, and white is still better than what’s in there now.  Why do people make everything the colors of bodily fluids when it comes to generic house decorating?

posted: 07 March 8
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