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Muffin madness!

A very dark shot of mini muffin loaves. I used the pumpkin carob recipe from Vegan Lunch Box, but with chocolate chips and a heck of a lot less sugar. The batter was so dry that I had to add a half cup of soy milk just to be able to stir it. But they still came out good.

Then I got inspired to try and make my own muffins. I wanted to use the rest of the pumpkin, so I thought i’d try to make healthy muffins. I used whole wheat flour, raisins, dates, and just a little maple syrup and oil. And they were pretty fucking bland, so I made some royal icing to drizzle over the top and that massively improved them. Then I made a batch of apple zucchini, with half white and half whole wheat, and regular sugar. And they are quite yummy. I ate an embarassing amount before I wrapped up the survivors and stashed them in the freezer. My freezer now looks like a muffin graveyard.

And this is what my kitchen looks life after a night of muffin making:

posted: 07 March 13
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