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Life is better when it’s busy.

You're just an empty cage, girl.

I got an order from Threadless today. I got this shirt, and this one. The drink cozy was free. I hardly ever buy new clothes, every time in the last year i’ve needed something (besides underwear), I just go to the free store on base and pick out sweaters or jeans or whatever. Then twice a year I clean out my closet and go and donate it back to them. But Threadless tees are too fucking cool for me to pass up.

Right now i’m sitting in dining room, because my office has been invaded by wasps. I hate wasps. I’m not afraid of a lot, but i’m afraid of those mean little bastards. Yesterday, Brian had 24 hour duty so I was alone. I was planting bushes along the fence, and it was kind of hot so I came in for a quick break. I took off one glove as I was walking into my room, and immediately heard buzzing. There were three wasps between my window and the curtain. We have bug spray, and I could’ve killed just one, but three? Oh hell no. So I was calling Brian to whine about it, when another one flew out of nowhere and landed on my shoulder. Like any mature person, I ran screaming into the hall, throwing my phone on the way so I could take off my other glove and beat at the wasp with it. I thought I had killed it, but later I found it crawling around in the bedroom. I beat it to death with a magazine. I really really hate wasps.

So today, after Brian had time to sleep, we went and bought some wasp spray and since we couldn’t find the nest, he sprayed all around the outside of the windows and no wasps were seen in my room today. Tonight, he was going to bed and I wanted to keep reading the book I was into, so I grabbed a blanket to go hang out on the futon. I walk in and right away, a wasp zooms towardss my head. More running and screaming. I took the blanket into Brian’s room and read on the floor. Later, I went into the bathroom and found it buzzing around and I really had to pee so after only a brief scream, I grabbed the wasp spray and kilt that mofo dead.

So like I said, I grabbed my laptop and set up shop in the dining room until Brian gets rid of the wasps. Which needs to happen fast since we’re having guests this weekend. The only problem with being in here, besides having to wear headphones, is that i’m right next to the door so Chester thinks i’m sitting here so I can let him out every hour on the hour. And Gozer keeps mewling at me and acting like he wants in my lap. but he doesn’t, if I thought he’d stick around i’d pick him up. But he just wants to bug me.

At this point in writing the entry, I saved it as a draft to install some plug-ins, and one broke my site. Yarg.

posted: 07 March 14
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