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Before I fall asleep…


I enjoy getting stuff in the mail.  It makes up for the days when I get nothing but flyer ads and junk mail – and now that we own a house, we get a lot more of both.  Recently, I ordered some zines for cheap entertainment – most zines or only a dollar or two plus shipping.  The same day, one of my seasons of Kids In  The Hall came, I ordered both of them for $20 (total, shipped, not each) but the first season is backordered.

That’s pretty much how I buy all of my dvds now, we hardly ever buy anything right when it comes out.  Almost all of my dvds now come from the weekly $5 sales at Best Buy and Circuit City, or the occasional crazy sale I find online.


This is my nice picture of the month.  Chester poses much better when i’m holding his current favorite toy hostage.  I think I need to have a few copies of this one made.

Food will come tomorrow, I need to go to bed because the fence guy is finally coming tomorrow to give us an estimate.

posted: 07 March 21
under: animals, pictures, products

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