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I’m attempting to work out some kind of daytime schedule for myself. Most of my problem is that i’m usually not awake for it, but i’ve still got it programmed into my brain that dark = no work, so I don’t get a whole lot done. I don’t like waking up early, so even if I do get tired before midnight, I try to stay up a little bit longer, and then i’m not tired anymore. So this is what i’ve got:

  • Wake up at 10 am (compromise)
  • Make the bed
  • Eat breakfast/Internet time
  • Walk with the Chester
  • Morning chores: clean litter, dishes, water plants
  • Shower
  • Lunch (or snack)/Internet time
  • Work the e-job from 2-5
  • Make dinner
  • 6-10 undetermined free time
  • Work from 10-12

I think that’ll work pretty well, it gives me plenty of time to slack and i’ll still get things done. This is a weekday schedule, on the weekends i’m going to do stuff like vacuum and make sure we’re on top of laundry and spend time with Brian. I’m also going to try to spend less time mindlessly surfing the internet. I can get plenty of that done while i’m working, there’s really no excuse for me to sit here for two hours doing absolutely nothing. I don’t mean things like working on this site, or editing pictures, I mean just clicking the same links over and over, waiting for someone to update. That’s stupid and a waste of time, and it just makes me more bored.

I also need the schedule for work, I hardly worked at all last month.  I was sick, it gets more restrictive by the day and is therefore less enjoyable, etc.  I really want a new camera, and the fence guy gave us an estimate that sucks up most of the tax money so I really need to bust my ass this month if I want to get it.   After that, i’ll lax up on myself about it and try to just make enough to have a small amount of spending money each month.

posted: 07 March 21
under: life, lists

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