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Catch up!


I was going to take Amanda and Andria to to Grins, a vegetarian kosher cafe in Nashville, but they were closed. So we just went to Wild Oats and ate buffet, which turned out great because they had my three favorite things: marinated tofu, the rice dish with cashews and raisins, and the best lentil soup ever. I also got four vegan cookies from the bakery, which are not pictured because I ate them.

Making your own popcorn is highly underrated. If you have a pan with a lid, that’s all you need. You don’t need no fucking popper. And if you pop it in margarine instead of oil, it comes out already buttery tasting so you don’t end up with soggy popcorn.

Sweet seitan and broccoli.

Veggie stew and dumplings.  I’m working on making the dumplings not come out just dense balls of dough, I think the three problems are:  too many overall in the pot, overmixing, and too big.  They puff up like crazy.  Either way, this stuff never lasts more than 24 hours.

From the weekend of vegan cookies, I gained 2.5 pounds.  This week, I lost three thanks to the miracle diet:  TLT and Biscuit Diet.  I made Tempeh Bacon sandwiches for a few days….

Sometimes I make up amazing things in my head, then try to execute them.  White Bean & Roasted Garlic Soup, seems simple enough, right?  Well, maybe it was the beans I used, but the texture was chalky and despite the fact that I used an entire bulb, it didn’t taste like roasted garlic.  Nor did it taste like the onion I decided to add in, caramelized (I knew I was going to puree it, so I figured it would be okay for Brian to still eat it).  Buuuuuuuuuuuuust.  Dammit.

The biscuits, however, came out wonderfully.  I think i’m going to add in some more butter though, to make them a little richer.  On the very short list of ‘Non-Vegan Things I Miss’, Bob Evans biscuits are high on the list.  Oh, and if your grocery store carries Polaners all fruit spread – get the black cherry variety.  It makes everything taste like cherry pie.

Apple Tofu Spring Rolls from Vegan Lunch Box and a broccoli/rice stir fry with fried ‘pork’ from Authentic Chinese Cuisine (basically, tvp tossed with seasoned flour to coat and them fried).  I added spinachc and carrot to mine.  This is the first time i’ve ever made spring rolls, but I think i’ll be making more soon.  The fried tvp was delicious.

posted: 07 March 27
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