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My new camera is here!

Last week I ordered my new camera – Canon Rebel XT – and have been pulling my hair out every day, waiting for it to arrive.  Today it did, but I almost didn’t get it because instead of ringing the doorbell, the mail lady just honked, and I had just woken up so it took me a second to put some pants on and stumble to the door to see who  was honking.  When I came out she was pulling away, she said she assumed no one would be home.

Anyway, while the battery is charging I thought I would put up some pictures I  have left from what is now Brian’s camera.

When Brian’s mom showed up, I got my period.  i have a very evil uterus.  Not only did I get my period pretty much the minute she arrived, but I ended up curled up on the floor of my living room, with some of the most hellacious cramps i’ve had in years.  Once they wore off, we made brownies.

On Friday, we had a day in Nashville planned.  One of the stops was going to be a vegetarian Indian restaurant i’d heard about, but when we were on our way to go shopping at The Factory (which we got lost going to, because the map I printed out led us to downtown Nashville, when it’s actually in the suburb of Franklin), I spotted a motherfuckin’ PF Changs.  I’ve heard a lot about the place re: vegans but I couldn’t remember exactly what.  So we changed our plans to stop there after we were done shopping.  After a brief scare with the waiter telling me they used oyster sauce in  everything, we confirmed that everything in the vegetarian section  is in fact, vegetarian.  Also, since there’s no noodles on the vegetarian menu, it’s all vegan too!  I don’t have any food pictures because it was so dark in there that they came out very bad,  but I had the coconut curry and it was okay.  Not mind blowing, but okay.

Then we went back to downtown Nashville, and walked around for a bit while waiting for our concert at The Ryman to start.  We saw Lucinda Williams, and she was awesome.  She apparently has a bad memory, because she kept a book of song lyrics next to her and had to refer to it for all but a couple of songs.  But she didn’t fuck up once so, whatever works for her.

Now i’m going to go tap my foot until my battery charges.  I might even try to read the camera manual.  No matter what, i’m going to post the first picture I take with it so lets hope it doesn’t come out totally horrible.

posted: 07 April 4
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