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Here comes the flood o’ pictures.

Hey, I just noticed that I have incoming links from other food blogs! If anyone links me, drop me a note and i’ll link you back. I’m reciprocal like that.

So, I have been taking lots of pictures. Deleting most of them, to be honest. Because this camera works so differently from my point-and-shoot, I have to relearn it all over again. So i’ll take a picture of the same thing twenty times with different settings to see what does what. But i’m pleased as punch that even with manual settings, I can take amazing quality pictures. Even the flash looks better. Also, my mad photoshop skills come in handy to make things look better.

First, here’s the last picture off of my old camera.

Remember those nasty meal bowls that KFC had? Well, this is the veganized version, but less disgusting because the ‘chicken’ isn’t fried, and there’s no cheese. Morningstar Farms chik’n strips, corn, gravy, taters. It’s really good and really white trash and quick to throw together.



My mother-in-law brought my cupcake book and tins back to me. Uh oh. How long can I resist making cupcakes? I know i’ll just end up eating most of them myself in two days, gaining back weight and getting sick from all of the sugar. Then I got a myspace message from a local piercer, saying that he’s moving so he’s doing piercings for free with the price of jewelry. So I messaged him back and said i’d bring him some cupcakes. Problem solved, I ate one as a test, had some leftover frosting, and took the rest to him.



I’m going to put the rest of the pictures under a cut, starting with what I got in exchange for the cupcakes and twenty dollars.


Double nostril. I’ve been wanting this for awhile.  I actually bled a little bit out of one nostril, and that was the one that didn’t really hurt.  My nose is just now starting to feel sore, and I can’t wrinkle my nose in disgust at anything.


Here are some other random photos i’ve taken:









posted: 07 April 7
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