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Graceful like a five-year-old.

I have weak ankles.  I used to sprain my ankle quite frequently when I was younger, but I actually haven’t done it in a few years.  Sometimes when I walk, i’ll put my foot down and it’s like a bone has disappeared from my ankle, and it just folds like an 80 pound crack whore.  That happened just a few minutes ago.  I went outside to shut off the sprinkler.  I walked down the steps, pushing up my sleeves so they won’t get wet from the spray coming out from the faucet.  I go to put my left foot down on the concrete slab, and boom.  My ankle snaps, and I fall face first.  My bare feet scrape on the concrete, my right knee connects with the edge of the concrete as does my left hand, my right arm goes into the very wet grass.  And i’m getting sprayed in the head.

I was honestly scared for a minute.  I’ve sprained my ankle so badly before that I couldn’t walk for days, and of course Brian left this morning to go hang out in a tent for the week.  I crawled a bit to get to the knob on the faucet and turned off the water, then pivoted on my knees to face back towards the house.  I decided to try and stand, since my ankle didn’t feel like it was hurt very bad.  I could put a little weight on it, so I limped back up the stairs.  I made my way to the linen closet, gathered the first aid supplies, and went into the bathroom to bandage myself up.

The damage:  Chunk of skin scraped off of my foot above my left pinkie toe.  Small chunk of skin scraped off of the third toe on my right foot.  Left hand stinging, but fine.  I took care of all of these and went into the kitchen to take off my wet wants, when I noticed that the right knee of my jeans was ripped.  So  I pull up my leg and sure enough, i’ve got a huge scrape on my knee.  And god dammit, these are my ‘only pair of pants that fits comfortably’ jeans.  I also wrapped up my ankle because even though it doesn’t hurt that bad, if my ankle is already sprained there’s a good chance it’ll happen again.  And then i’d be pretty screwed.

Well, there go any productive plans I had for the day.  Looks like i’ll be playing with my newly re-installed Sims.

posted: 07 April 9
under: life

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