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Dog days.

First off, I would like to introduce the newest member of our family.  It’s going to be awhile until she comes to live with us (or I even get to meet her), but i’m in love with her already.  She was born without a tear duct in one of her eyes, so that eye will have to be removed.  The woman who was going to buy her doesn’t want her anymore, to whom I say fuck you.  You don’t deserve something this precious.  She’s going to need some extra care until she’s old enough to have her surgery, but after that she will be a perfectly happy, healthy, one-eyed dog.

Tonight I was doing the dishes, when I see a little gray dog in the back yard.  Great.  So I go out and call him over so I can check for a tag, and when he gets closer I can see that he’s kind of messed up looking.  He’s a poodle-type dog and his furt is all matted to hell.  He has a collar (and a flea collar, which i’m allergic to), but no tag.  So I put a leash on him and walked him up and down the road, knocking on doors.  No one recognized him at all.  I started to suspect that he had been dumped.  He was very happy to go around with me, such a sweet little thing.  Too bad he stinked to high heaven.  It started to get dark, so I hooked him up in the back yard, gave him some food and water, and called the police department to find out where I could take him, since the shelters were already closed.  It’s been storming all day around here, so leaving him outside wasn’t an option.  Neither was bringing him in the house, because of the way he looked and smelled I didn’t trust that he has his shots.  Luckily, the animal control shelter has a ‘drop off’ kennel.  You put the animal in a pen, leave them a note saying if it’s yours or not and any details, and they will take them inside in the morning.  So I put stinky into the car and drove across town.  He was very quiet the whole way and just laid in the seat.  I tried to scratch his head and couldn’t get though the matted fur.  He didn’t bark when I put him in the kennel.  I put him in the only one that had a crate and hoped it wouldn’t rain too hard, and was thankful that at least the cold front had passed.  I wrote my note and left my number and drove home.  Why do the sweetest animals always get treated like trash?

posted: 07 April 12
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