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Random pictures, some food, and i’ve been married for awhile.

It’s been awhile since I updated. I’d like to tell you it’s because i’ve been so busy, but that would be a lie. I have been busy only with being a lazy, reclusive slob. My sleep schedule is fucked because Brian has been doing field training. Field training is when they send soldiers out into the local boonies and have them sit around in tents and do jack shit. This prepares them for their deployments. Somehow. I’m sure. Anyway, i’m pretty paranoid so when Brian isn’t here, i’m constantly worried about someone breaking into the house while i’m asleep. So I stay up really late just in case. Also, the cold front that moved in depressed the hell out of me. All of my plants died, pretty much. I felt like a tool. I’m waiting for my knee to be all better before I even consider getting new plants and working on the garden again. Which is probably for the best, since it’s still a little cold here. We’ve been turning the heat on in the evenings.

I’d also like to note that i’m actually updating from my bed. I haven’t been enjoying sitting at my desk lately. When my knee finally started forming a scab, it was painful for the skin to stretch. So if I was sitting down for a long time, i’d have to limp around when I stood up. And when I was walking around, it was uncomfortable to sit with my knees bent. So I relocated to the living room, where the chairs are low and my knees don’t bend as much when i’m sitting. And there I stayed pretty much all last week. I was embarassed by how much time I spent in that chair. When I picked Brian up for his break on Tuesday, I told him the house was a mess. I’ve told him that before, but this is the first time that he’s came home and actually said, “Wow, it is a mess!”

Anyway, enough self loathing. I have a good amount of pictures.

Lots of people have been posting blueberry this and blueberry that lately. In a fit of jealousy, I bought my own blueberries and made the Sunny Blueberry Corn Muffins from Vegan With A Vengeance.

Last Friday, the 13th (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees) was my 3rd wedding anniversary. Brian was supposed to be in the field, but he basically gave them the finger and told them he was going home. This is the first wedding anniversary we’ve spent together. The first year, he was in Louisiana training. Last year, he was in Iraq. I picked him up after five hours of sleep, and after he showered we went to Nashville. We had lunch at PF Changs. I ordered ginger spiced tea, and it came in a cast iron tea pot with little cups. I spent the entire lunch loudly slurping my tea while staring at Brian.

I had the Ma Pao tofu. I thought it was rather unspectacular, the sauce tasted strongly of soy sauce, which i’m not crazy about because I have a low tolerance for salty things. But when I ate the leftovers, it was much better. Some things just get better after they’ve had time to sit.

We also went to the Galleria and Wild Oats so that I could buy Vegenaise and nutritional yeast. We also got some tofurkey stuff. I hardly buy fake meats now, but I love tofurkey and so does Brian. I also bought some Vegan brand cheez slices to try. Taste tests conclude that I am over trying to replace cheese. It was just too weird.

We also went to see Grindhouse. It was very romantic, or something. I really enjoyed it, and I think it’s bullshit that it didn’t do well at the box office. I loved every second of both movies, and the fake commericals and trailers. I hope to go see it again before it leaves theaters.

Here’s a lovely taco salad I made, using Joanna’s seasoned TVP. I put it in a pie plate so it’s easier to eat. I put in a whole can of beans and ate it all. It was a stinky day, i’ll tell you what.

This is from today. I bought this shirt from Natalie Dee and it came a few days ago. It says ‘Save Chester’, then underneath it in smaller words, ‘a cookie’ (her dog is named Chester too). Since I was making cookies for the PPK cookie swap, I figured it’d be fun to try and make a photo of it. Boy, am I fucking stupid. My camera is on a tripod on one side of the table. I put Chester on the bench on the other side. I have to keep telling him to stay and not lick the plate of cookies while i’m focusing the camera and trying to frame everything right. Then, I go around to the bench push the timer button, and sit down. I pick up a cookie, put it to my mouth while Chester stares at it hopefully. Then, before the timer goes off, he looks down. This picture was something like take thirteen. I realize that his head is moving a bit in the photo, and I don’t care! My dog is an idiot with such a small attention span that he can’t look at a cookie two feet from his face for ten whole seconds.

P.S. Do not tell me you like my hair. I made the decision a few days ago to do away with the red, and since then several people have commented on how much they like it. Well, that’s great. You can come over any time and touch up my roots for me. Blonde roots and dark hair look terrible. They’re hard to see in this picture, but they’re already there. And if i’m going to strip the red, I need to do it before my roots are too long, or else i’ll end up with bleached white roots. Which will also look dumb.

P.P.S. The cookies are the peanut butter chocolate chip from Soy Not Oi!, and they’re pretty to die for. The recipe made about three dozen cookies.

posted: 07 April 20
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