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I like it here.

Today is a stay in bed kind of day.  Brian has been doing one day on, one day off field training for over a week.  Which means that every day, i’m getting up at the crack of dawn to either pick him up or take him back.  This makes for a very messed up sleep schedule.  Last night I told him to just take the car, since i’m not going to go anywhere and i’d like a full nights sleep.  I slept for 12 hours.  It was nice.  It’s kind of gloomy out and a little chilly, so i’m cuddling with the laptop in bed.  I do have pictures of my new garden and some bananner muffins, but they’re still on the camera.  And I have one cat underneath the covers on my legs, and one cat on top of the covers on my legs.  I can’t bother them.

But there will be an update later.  Sometime.

posted: 07 April 27
under: life

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