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I’m so hungry.

I’m going to go backwards today because I have to show off this awesome sandwich I had for lunch. I wanted something fancy, like what you would get in a restaurant. Toasted oat bread, spinach, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and vegenaise mixed with a little balsamic dressing and italian herbs. It needs a little tweaking, I don’t like the pre-cut mushrooms because they’re too thick and I think they’d taste better marinated, plus I forgot onions. But it was still pretty fucking good. I want another one right now. I’ll also go easy on the vegenaise next time, my entire lunch was eight WW points, and half of that was from the vegenaise. I only had one lonely pickle left in the jar.

Fancy close-up:

One of the benefits to shopping in an army commissary is that they carry a lot of random ethnic foods, I suppose it’s because a lot of soliders get stationed in other countries and bring a new bride back to the states with them. I love seeing the little old men and their little old Korean wives at the commissary. It’s so cute. Anyway, most of the specialty items are asian or german. But yesterday, I found:

HELL YES. Brian ate two for breakfast before I could. I hate him. I’ll bet he didn’t even eat them with tea.

Last weekend, I wanted chili. I’ve been craving a lot of soups and stews lately. I didn’t have all of the ingredients for my standard chili, so this was a spur of the moment kind. I used black beans, baked beans, black eyed peas, hominy, tomatoes, and some pan fried tofurkey sundried tomato and basil sausage. Because I fucking love that stuff. I threw some old bay seasoning into the mix to give it a cajuny feel.

See that ray of light? My chili is holy.

And now for some random photos.

P.S. I’m pretty blonde now. It’s weird.

posted: 07 May 3
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