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Vegan related shit:
First, if you’re looking for some new recipes at a low cost, the maker of Barefoot and in the Kitchen is trying to raise funds for a vet bill by selling the first three issues of her zine at a fundraiser price. I have issues two and three, and they’re a fun read. I’m happy that I can get the first issue now, it felt incomplete having the tail end of the set. She’s selling al three of them together for $12, which is still a pretty damn good deal. Help a sister out.

Second, I have officially forbidden my husband from telling anyone that i’m a vegan for awhile. Why? Because of those sick people who starved their baby and then tried to blame it on veganism. I’ve read enough nasty comments online to last my a lifetime. Anyone with half a brain can tell that the parents were neglectful overall, but people are dumb and just say things like “Vegans are stupid, durrrrr”. Hey guys, they also had a homebirth and then never took the baby to the doctor! Does that mean that everyone who has a homebirth is a baby killer too? No. Whether or not these people were vegans at all is in serious doubt, they’ve been accused of just using it as a poor, dumb hippie defense. By the by, apparently vegansim makes you illiterate as well, because on every single package of non-dairy milk I own, it says in bold lettering ‘NOT FOR USE AS INFANT FORMULA‘.

Point being, I don’t need people to look at me and lump me into a group with anyone so stupid and cold hearted.

Bonny has been here for a week now.  Having a very small puppy is sort of like having a human baby.  Sort of.  I’m definitely lacking in the sleep department since she needs to be taken outside every few hours to keep her from peeing on the carpet.  We’re all in love with eachother.  Well, except Chester.  Chester is being his dickwad self.  But that’s to be expected.  And the cats are being cats.  Which is also to be expected.  Okay, so the humans are in love with Bonny and she’s in love with us and that’s pretty awesome.  Anyway, here are pictures and videos.

posted: 07 May 12
under: animals

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