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Well, that was quick.

I finished everything on my to-do list except folding laundry, and i’m saving that for the movie i’m going to watch soon.  I hate folding laundry so much.  It’s usually Brian’s job, but he’s not here.

posted: 07 June 1
under: life, lists, pictures

4 Responses to “Well, that was quick.”

  1. Jessica says:

    just wanted to say that i love your bloggy!

  2. andria says:

    Haha kill Brian…do you have one of those fancy pda things? Or is that a cell phone?

  3. andria says:

    PS OMG OMG I just clicked on “Megan the Vegan” under your vegan links. I wanted to make sure Megan didn’t make a secret blog she wasn’t telling me about. And there is a picture of PEANUT BUTTER FILLED CHOCOLATE COOKIES. O. M. G. They look sooo good.

  4. Hamronia says:

    Great place you have here! Love the layout, too!!!

  5. Passion the website– extremely user friendly and lots to see!

  6. Wow because this is really helpful work! Congrats and keep it up.

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