Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

The pups went to the vet today, which was interesting.  The appointment was for 9:15, but I had to  show up at 8:45 to fill out paperwork for Bonny.  I left at 8:15 because I was worried about the traffic, which turned out to not exist so it only took me fifteen minutes to get there.  So we ended up sitting around for a long time.  I had to keep Chester pretty close to me because someone came in with their kid, and like most little kids she didn’t quite grasp that ‘doggie doesn’t like kids’ thing.  There was another lady there with her puppy, we put her and Bonny on a chair together to see if they’d socialize and they both just cowered next to us.  Bonny was pretty freaked out during the exam, but totally asleep by the time we left.  I set my purse and her on the counter so I could sign my receipt when we left, and she crawled in my purse and fell asleep.

Anyway, she now weighs 2.2 pounds.  Chester weighs about 29 pounds, which is three pounds more than the last time the vet told me that he needed to lose a few.  But he’s already lost a little bit of weight, I switched him to diet food and stopped refilling his bowl the second it’s empty, plus Bonny chasing him around is more exercise.  I just want the fence guy to come already so we can play fetch with him and he can run laps.  He doesn’t like running around on his lead, even though it’s really long.

I have to go back on the 14th so the actual vet can look at her eye and tell me if I need to go to an off post vet or a specialist or what.  The visit cost $89 total, but that’s cheap considering I had two dogs ($7 each per visit, compared to at least $30 anywhere else), two sets of shots, two sets of tests, and heartworm medicine for Chester.  One of the few perks of military life that’s supposed to make up for that whole being seperated and possibly getting blown up in the sandbox thing.

I’m on day five (or six, but I haven’t gone to bed so i’ll say five) of the cleanse, halfway point!  Woooooooo!  So I thought i’d post some retro porn to entertain everyone.

This is my most popular photo on Flickr.  It’s the Banana Split Brownies from VWaV, vanilla soy dream, and chocolate sauce.  This is pretty old, so I don’t remember what brand the chocolate sauce was.  I just remember being pissed that all of the hot fudge had milk in it.

Corndogs!  I made them using the canoe pan I bought so I could make vegan twinkies (which I don’t have pictures of because my camera was broken).  I just used the cornbread recipe on my package of cornmeal.

I made these for Brian’s birthday last year.  As I was making pancakes, I realized I was out of maple syrup.  So I concocted this sauce of of brown sugar, EB, and a few other things.  Someday I will get around to making it again so I can make up a recipe.

These are the first cupcakes that I made when I got Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.  I still think that vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream is the best combination.

posted: 07 June 6
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