» … Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

Today I went to Home Depot (again) and left with four eight foot landscaping beams, six bags of mulch (I bought four yesterday), and 40 bricks.  I spent $37.  Some jackass tailgated me all the way down 374 even though my trunk was half open and I had large pieces of wood protruding out of it.

Came home, hauled, arranged, lifted and spread bag after bag of mulch, and I still need more.  I AM SO TIRED.

But that’s okay, because tomorrow I am going to hit up the Farmers Market in downtown Nashville, which means I need to wake up early.  I wrote an email to the people who run the Jamacian Way stand in the food court, asking them about what they cook their side dishes with, etc. a few weeks ago and they never wrote me back.  This just in:  Jamacians hate veganism.  So I guess i’d better pack a sandwich or something.  But tomorrow I will have tons of sexy naked vegetable pictures.  I have fruit salad to make.  I’m also going to make a list of wacky ingredients to take to the international market.

posted: 07 June 11
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