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Working for the weekend.

I had my hair cut today and feel so much better! The stylist cut it shorter than I asked, but i’m glad she did because a) I like it and b) bleach damaged hair feels like crap. Now I just need to touch up my roots. My bangs look crooked because I went tanning afterwards and pushed my hair off my forehead while I was lying there, and that part stayed that way.

Onto the food porn. Why else would you come here?

This is what I ate two nights in a row after mowing the grass. It takes me approximately six total hours to mow the yard. It would only take five, but I have to stop and sneeze every five minutes. It’s pretty sweaty work. So for a fast meal I took some Morningstar Farms chik’n strips, a purple pepper, and mushrooms and sauted them. Then I added a failed attempt at making roasted red pepper vinaigrette (tasted great, too thick and lumpy), and put it on top of couscous. So good.

Yesterday was a tester day for Joanna, whose book is coming out this November! I made spinach lasagna:

And Minty Summer Fruit Salad:

Both of them made a lot, but are practically gone because I am a hoover. I played around with the fruit a bit.

The other night I was working on the zine thing, and needed a quick snack. By the way, I meant to have the zine done and ready to print this weekend so I could take orders, but then I found out that my husband is coming home from Louisiana early. Almost a week earlier than we thought. So, I had to do things like cut my hair and wash the car and clean the house instead. Anyway, based loosely on a recipe from Vegan Lunch Box (because I was too lazy to actually open the book), I made roasted chickpeas. Drain chickpeas, dump in a bowl, add nutritional yeast and spices, and bake on a cookie sheet for awhile. Very tasty. Very easy to eat the whole thing in five minutes, but it’s okay cause it’s just beans.

Now I am off to fold mounds of laundry, while watching the Degrassi marathon on Noggin.

posted: 07 June 17
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6 Responses to “Working for the weekend.”

  1. Sabrina Hansen says:


    I’ve made the recipe from Vegan Lunch Box a lot. But yours look interesting. So I wondered which spices you used?

  2. Emmie says:

    The fruit salad looks great. That has to be one of my favourite deserts ever. It’s easy to make and tasty.

  3. Katie says:

    Chili powder, garlic powder and…sage? I think that was it.

  4. bethie says:

    hi, the spinach lasagna looks amazing, what did you replace the traditional cheesie goodness with?

  5. Katie says:

    A combination of tofu ricotta, and nutritional yeast saucce.

  6. sheree says:

    Purple peppers! You are so lucky. Our stores never carry these. I love them too! Your food porn looks wonderful!

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