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I just called to say ‘whattup’.

It’s pretty late, i’m pretty tired.  Sorry if i’m not super wordy.  Tomorrow I have to go to the library and argue with Brian over which car we’re going to buy.  We have it narrowed down to two, and the one I like more is losing.  That makes me sad.  The other car is fine, but I like the inside of mine better.  And it’s a pretty color of blue!  I will post pictures when I have them.  By tomorrow, we should own a car that actually starts right away and doesn’t leak fluids.  That’ll be nice.

So here’s some food.  First, we have another tester recipe from Joanna.  Pasta E Fagioli.  It’s a hearty soup, a meal in itself.  Tasty and filling.  I’ve eaten 5-6 bowls and I still have some left.

I decided to try and make vegan egg foo yung last weekend.  If you’ve never had it, it’s just a tiny omlet, fried.  They usually have meat in them, but they make vegetable ones too.  When I went to the bufet with my in-laws, I would get a couple patties, some rice, and some sweet and sour sauce and be happy.  I decided to use silken tofu, and ground flax seeds mixed with water for the binder.  I added some salt and pepper, and a little tumeric for color.  I chopped and grated mushroom, pepper, carrot, and onion and folded it in to the tofu.

Okay, time to deep fry.  I poured an inch worth of peanut oil into a pan and heated it over medium high.  I filled a 1/4 cup with tofu, and gently dropped it in.  And then the ‘oh shit’s began.  It spattered like crazy.  I couldn’t flip them because even though the part touching the bottom was frying, the insides were still liquid, so it just kept running out.  This was the end result of that:

Ulch.  too greasy.  I wiped down the pan and went with just a smidge of oil and reduced the heat..  I put three cakes down, and covered it with a lid.  It took about ten minutes before I could flip them, but I finally got something I could eat:

Then I tried to cook the rest as one big pancake , but  that didn’t work out.  Mostly because I called my mother-in-law and forgot it was on the stove and it ended up burning.  But I was pretty tired of the experiment by then anyway.  It was awfully tedious.

Then I find out that there’s a recipe in the Chicago Diner book.  God dammit.

Tonight, Brian and I made our first test recipe for Vegan Yum Yum.  We did the Jalapeno Poppers.  I can’t tell you about the recipe, but the batter is pretty amazing.  I didn’t take any money shots, sorry.  We had some leftover batter so I made corndogs as well.  I’m going to make some more for future lunches as soon as I figure out how to make the batter more fluffy so you taste less dog and more battery goodness.

posted: 07 June 22
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