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New car smell!

This is our new baby.  You can telll Brian is in love with her.

We got a 2007 Toyota Corolla.  It’s not new, but it’s (obviously) less than a year old.  12,000 miles on it, though.  Brian thinks that the person was using it for illegal street racing, which happens a lot here because of the large amount of single soldiers with too much money and a large need to compensate.  I expect that he’ll let let me drive it in a month or so.  I did like the other car a little better, but this is more bang for our buck.  It gets better gas mileage, which is important.

This morning, my hetero lifemate Julie called to tell me that her boyfriend doesn’t believe that we met on the internet (ha!), and in telling her about the new car, she told me that she has a black Toyota Corolla.  So it’s very appropriate that we get one.  She named hers Stella so I was thinking we should name ours something like Reno (911), Baxter, or anything else relating to old cast members of The State so we can be totally nerdy about it.

I will end this with a picture of me treating Bonny like she’s my baby.

posted: 07 June 23
under: life, pictures

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