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Why i’m not blogging, and it pays to be nice.

I think after that last mad dash to get the zine done, i’m a little tired of editing, uploading pictures, the whole thing.  I have uploaded pictures onto my Flickr account, but haven’t felt like posting them.  I’ve been playing a lot of video games because it’s mindless fun.  Trying to clean up the house.  I cleaned my office up a good deal, but it still needs some work.  I took some progress pictures.

I hate the never ending task of trying to keep the house clean.  Having five animals doesn’t make it easy.  Obviously the dishes always need to be done, and the litter box cleaned, but now there’s lots of spot treating the carpet and Bonny has discovered the joy of getting into small trashcans and unrolling the toilet paper roll, so now vacuuming has to occur on an almost daily basis.  Not that it does.  It makes me a little nuts.  Sometimes I get myself all psyched up to clean, and then I look around and feel hopeless and go back to staring at the internet.

I’ve also re-discovered the joys of the public library.  I’ve been checking out books on all kinds of subjects.  Right now I have knitting, Spanish, puppy training, black & white digital photography, one of the four vegan cookbooks they had, and a drawing book for Brian.  It’s part of the mission to save money without going insane from boredom.  It also keeps me from buying books and being disappointed in them, I can just return them.  For instance, the black & white digital photography book that I checked out, is nothing but tutorials for a really old version of photoshop.  Not interested, next please.

Selling of the zine is going well, I don’t have an exact count but i’ve sold over fifty and I haven’t even started promoting it in the zine community, or the vegetarian community outside of the PPK.  And here’s why it pays to be nice.  I initially went to Kinkos and asked for 500 double sided copies, or 100 zines.  I was charged $65.  I was stapling them as I needed them, so I didn’t realize until it was took late that they had only given me 50 books.  Now, i’m not out to make a profit.  But I can’t afford to lose money, either.  I have a mortgage and a new car and a puppy with a bum eye.  It’s not just the cost of the copying and the shipping, I had to rent a PO Box, buy envelopes, printer labels, and other little things.  They do add up.  That mean that my profts, if we’re just talking about how much it costs to print and ship them, went from about 80 cents an issue to less than 20 cents.  20 cents times fifty is ten dollars.  That doesn’t even cover the six months rental of the PO box.

So I was pretty upset, and feeling stupid because it was a week later, I didn’t have most of the copies or my receipt anymore.  But my internet advisors told me to try going to Kinkos anyway and talking to them.  So I did.  I brought in my original, described the guy who did my copies (and they guy who checked me out was there and remembered me).  At first, it seemed like the manager was just trying to placate me into going away without throwing a fit.  Not that I would, I think freaking out at people for doing their jobs is a completely asshole thing to do, and will get you nowhere.  I offered to come back when the guy who ran my copies was working, and I guess he realized that I was serious and not just trying to score free copies so he called the guy and he remembered my order (the cover art is kind of hard to forget).  In the end, I walked out with 500 fresh copies, so I got 250 copies for free.  All because I was nice, polite, and apologetic about not checking my order or having my receipt.

I also got a Buffy comic poster from the guy at the comic shop by being nice and a paying customer.  It’s been a pretty good week.  I’m pretty happy with things right now.

Now, I have to go staple things.

posted: 07 July 8
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