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Updated + an almost recipe.

Okay, I think i’m going to keep this theme because it’s nice and clean, and it doesn’t appear to have anything broken. I will work on customizing it later.

Also, I updated the zine page. I moved the pictures to their own page, finally put the cover up, and added some free recipes. I had meant to put them up before, and a discussion on the PPK about putting up recipes that you’re going to put in a book reminded me. I mean, all three of them have been on the internet in multiple places already so it’s not a big deal. Maybe it’ll make up for the fact that I don’t blog recipes. But I don’t blog recipes because i’m an undisciplined jackass who hardly ever follows recipes. I never write a recipe the first time I make it. Mainly because I don’t remember. Sometimes I don’t remember the second time, either. I’m a pretty big airhead. I can give you an idea about what I did, but as far as step-by-step, that’ll take a few turns. Here’s an example:

Before we went to Illinois, I bought a big bag of cherries. I spent two days figuring out what to do with them. I knew I wanted chocolate to be involved. Then I started thinking about muffins. Then I thought, it would be neat to put a chocolate ribbon in the muffins. Not chocolate batter, more like the chocolate syrup ribbons they put in ice cream. So most of my pondering was how to make the chocolate sauce. I really didn’t want to fuck it up since cherries are expensive. I decided to make a ganache (basically, I used the same ingredients as in VCTOTW, but I didn’t measure anything). I set it aside to cool, then I took a basic muffin recipe, added a little almond extract, and about a cup of halved cherries. I spooned the batter into my muffin tins, then I took a spoon and used it to put a blob of ganache on top of each muffin. Then I used a skewer (note to self: buy some toothpicks already) and swirled and folded it – gently because I didn’t want to just end up with chocolate batter. I wanted goo, dammit.

The results:

They were awesome, the only problems were that I added a little too much sugar, and that they were a little fally-aparty because of the chocolate. Definitely not something you would want to eat in the car on the way to work. I also had to bake them longer, I was afraid they were going to end up burned on the tops and still raw in the middle. The chocolate that was on the top got nice and crunchy. I froze the rest of my cherries before I left, so I will make them again and hopefully remember to write shit down this time.

posted: 07 July 19
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