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I don’t usually care when celebrities die…

Tammy Faye Messner is dead.

If you saw her on Larry King and didn’t cry, you must be a robot.  Tammy Faye was pretty fucking awesome, and i’m sorry she’s dead but i’m glad that she’s not going through all of that pain anymore.

posted: 07 July 22
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  • julia

    I never knew much about her except that she wore crazy makeup and was married to that asshole Baker. I had no idea she was supportive of Gays. But no one should have to go through cancer … I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Watching a loved one waste away with it changes your entire life.

  • julia

    Oops. Sorry for posting twice. I thought I caught my typo/fixed it in time before the 1st comment posted.

  • mommy

    Aw….. I didn’t know. Didn’t even see it in today’s paper. She was a pretty neat lady when she got rid of her cheating husband. She was on one of those reality shows that showed the “real” Tammy. She was a VERY compassionate person.