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So, I am a slob.  I’m getting better all the time, but i’m still a slob.  And my office is the room that suffers most from the slobbiness, because no one but me cares what goes on in there.  But sometimes I snap and can’t live with the piles of papers and books and packaging shit, and empty water bottles so I clean.  It’ll stay like this for a week, tops.  But it’ll be a nice week.

Also, im almost out of zines.  I have less than ten left, and have to pay some bills before I can get them reprinted.  So it’s going to go ‘out of print’, but only for two weeks or so.  But if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already gotten one.  Right?  Riiiiiiiiiight?

I added something to my sidebar, a feed from this website called ‘Twitter’.  It’s ADD blogging at its finest.  It’s fun for one sentence updates.  Most of mine are about how I have to poop.  So if that bothers you…don’t read it?

I’m working on some recipes right now, trying to get some ready for testing.  I’ll need more testers this time, just a heads up.  We’ll be starting in a week or so.

posted: 07 August 2
under: deots, life

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