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Weird Food Habits

Inspired by Lindy, I give to you my food quirks.

  • I don’t like coffee.  I think it tastes pretty shitty.  When I was ten I had a brief love affair with Irish Cream flavored coffee, but that didn’t last long.  I haven’t even attempted to stomach that swill in ten years.
  • I looooove green beans in a can.  They’re delicious!  All salty and mushy, mmmm.
  • I’ve eaten a banana almost every day for the last three years.  Sometimes I skip a few days, but then i’ll just eat 2-3 in one day to make it for it.
  • I can’t eat oranges because their tough casing grosses me out,  I can’t bring myself to swallow.  So I eat clementines instead.
  • Just the smell of olives is enough to make me gag.  I will not eat them in a house, I will not eat them with a mouse.
  • Although I don’t hate hate them, all of the other vegetables I dislike can be found in a lot of stir fries:  baby corn, water chesnuts, and bean pods.
  • Along that line, I don’t like stir fried carrots.  I will eat them raw or mushy, but not inbetween.
  • I’ve never tried beets, because i’m convinced I will hate them for no good reason.
  • When I was four, I was grounded because I wouldn’t eat a mustard sandwich.  I guess that’s not really being picky, just smart enough to not want to eat food made by an alcoholic.
  • I really love ketchup.  I bought a huge bottle that weighs more than Bonny, just to gross my husband out.
  • One of my favorite meals is still noodles with margarine, salt, and pepper.  As Joanna calls them, “Stone cold delicious, dude.”
  • If you mention Jiffy muffins, I will start to dry heave.  Ask Brian.
  • When I was a kid, I would eat bacos straight out of the jar, by the handful.
  • I can and will eat raw garlic and onions.  Once again, mostly to gross out that dude I married.
  • In case you were wondering, onions are my favorite vegetable.  Shocker, I know.

I think that’s all I have for now.

posted: 07 August 18
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6 Responses to “Weird Food Habits”

  1. Emmie says:

    Haha, you’re a bit crazy 🙂

  2. brian says:

    just reading this makes me think I might vomit

  3. Lindy Loo says:

    Hee hee–I’m TOTALLY with you on the beets-topic. I was just talking about that with someone recently. And baby corn and water chestnuts: hell in veggie form.

  4. Katie says:

    Baby corn tastes like dirt! My husband likes water chesnuts so I tried to make a stir fry with them. I ate one out of the can and almost threw up.

  5. sugarbeetthree says:

    coffee=foul swill nastiness
    Barely palatable if tiny smidge is hidden deeply inside chocolate cake ingredients. Otherwise, full-on disgusting.

    Water chestnuts from a can are not food, for anyone, anywhere.
    Lima beans are also not food.
    Sorry, but canned green beans are gag-worthy for me. Have my portion, please!

  6. Foodeater says:

    I will take all of your beets, and you can have ALL of my onions.

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