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Wishful Thinking Home Improvement List

If I had $50,000 fall into my lap, this is what I would have done to the house:

  • Add a roof over the back deck
  • Privacy fence all around the back (which would cost over $3k just by itself)
  • Shower doors in both of the bathrooms
  • Concrete driveway and carport
  • Have the yard reseeded, all of the holes filled in, and have some landscaping done
  • Have lights installed in the living room
  • Garbage disposal
  • New kitchen counters
  • Shelf systems installed in the master closet, because i’m jealous of Amanda
  • All the carpet ripped out, wood floors in the living room and bed room, gray carpet in Brian’s room
  • Have all of the walls spackled, sanded smooth, and repainted
  • Have the kitchen and bathroom cabinets all sanded and restained
  • New stove and probably dishwasher

posted: 07 September 4
under: lists

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