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oh hai.

Tonight, I am sketching the layout for the next issue. Providing that my testers do what they do so well, I should be ready to print in two weeks. Maybe less, depends on how bored I am. All of the prime time t.v. shows are premiering this week and next, it’ll give me something to do while i’m half watching them. After i’ve sketched the layout, i’ll know how many pages it’s going to be and can guess at the costs. Then I can take pre-orders.

Also, I re-printed the first issue again because I kept getting a lot of orders, and I kind of need the money to get my one eyed princess snipped. So if you want to buy one, please do it now.

Anyway, here are some pictures to tide you over until it’s done.

Teeny tiny pies:

Potato soup:

I ate out a lot last week. Twice, I had curry:

The first photo was from a more casual place, and it was better than the other, more expensive place.

Then my mother-in-law and I went to an Indian buffet in Nashville, only one of two places there that has ‘vegetarian’ in its name.  The potato curry in front was really good.

posted: 07 September 28
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