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I am so broke.

Bonny got spayed yesterday, and she’s fine. The bank account is not. They told me $95 for the surgery, which was true. But I forgot who I was dealing with. After updating her shots, the cost for the “visit”, etc. it was $220. So I was like, “Okay. I’ll just go buy cat food and litter and stamps lay low for the next two weeks. I have a full tank of gas and groceries and that’s really all I need.” But then I forgot about some other bills that went through. And that our trash bill is always due at the worst time. Ugh. Adulthood sucks.

Point being, I currently have 40 copies of the zine left. So if you haven’t bought it, or you know someone who would want it that you could bug to buy it, please do so. I just need to get through this next two weeks and then i’ll be fine, financially.

P.S.  I am not going to starve in the next two weeks, I always keep the money I get in the mail around just for these situations.  I just have a minimum amount of cushion that I like to keep, and that cushion is pretty much gone.

posted: 07 October 2
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