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Product reviews!

I’ve tried some new and exciting things lately, I thought i’d pass on my new discoveries.

 Chocolate Chai Rice Dream

This stuff is pretty tasty. I never did get into the regular chocolate rice dream, but this stuff is good. Flavored milks are fun because you can use them to make flavored puddings without any extra hassle (easy pudding is milk + sugar + thickener). I thought the spice was more like pumpkin pie than chai, but it’s still worth buying.

And hey, I finally figured out how to wrap my text around images in WordPress! That only took two years.

 Woo City Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch

Okay, this stuff is utter crap. Woo City isn’t a vegan brand, they just make a line of tofu based ice cream. It was on sale at Wild Oats, and I always thought the packaging was cool so I have it a whirl.

Y’ever meet someone who’s like, “Oh, i’ve had vegan ice cream/cake/whatever, it’s gross!”, and you wonder where the fuck they got the stuff? That’s what Woo Fu is. It’s the ice cream giving us all a bad name. It’s not sweet at all, so it tastes like straight up cocoa powder. I couldn’t taste peanut butter at all. Plus, it has a weird tofu-y taste. And the ‘crunch’ is super tiny pieces of pistachio nuts. I ended up throwing it into the blender with some almond milk and more peanut butter to make a slightly tolerable smoothie.

 Chocolate Caramel Chai Rice Dream Bars

I always like to get an ice cream bar when I go to Wild Oats, mostly because half the time I forget to take my cooler, so nothing frozen would survive the 45 minute drive home. And I totally did not realize until now that the ice cream bar I got last week is pretty much the same flavor as the rice milk I got this week. Oh well.

This shit’s amaaaaaaaaazing. The texture is to die for. It has a very soft, whipped texture. It’s closer to mousse than to standard ice cream. Plus, I got it for free because no one could find the price for it. Free ice cream always tastes better! If you’re not a chocolate fan, I imagine the vanilla hazelnut bars will have the same texture.

Ha ha, all of that stuff is chocolate. I’m more adventurous with chocolate than anything else.

posted: 07 October 4
under: food, products

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