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Vegan Cookbook Bonanza!

 In case you didn’t know, everybody and their mother is putting out a vegan cookbook this fall. I have none of the available ones yet because my birthday is coming up and I don’t want to get yelled at for buying stuff off of my wishlist, but they will all be mine. One way or another.

  • Veganomicon – By Isa and Terry from the PPK. I really don’t think that I have to talk this one up. My only disappointment is that the book is not bound in onion skin and written in beet juice.
  • Eat, Drink & Be Vegan – Dreena Burton’s new book. I wish Dreena was my mom. Even though she’s not old enough to be. Still, I hope that as soon as I figure out her exact address and show up at her doorstep, she will welcome me with open arms and a plateful of cookies.
  • The Joy of Vegan Baking – They had me at baking. I don’t really need to hear anything else. Okay, I did hear that a lot of the recipes call for powdered egg replacer, but I can work around that.
  • Cozy Inside -Luckily for you, this one is already out. Joni went the self published route, and you can get it as an e-book (cheapest), a book with full-color photos (more costly), and she just released a black and white edition as a compromise. She sent me one of her proofs because she’s nice like that. This is a girl after my own heart. The recipes aren’t particularly fancy, they’re just simple and good. I enjoy reading cookbooks, but most of mine don’t actually get a lot of use. I can see this one being a torn up mess in a few months.
  • Vegan Yum Yum – If you live under a vegan rock, you might not know who Lolo is. Well, she’s amazing. She’s so amazing that my husband read a mention of her in the newspaper they put out in Iraq for the soldiers. That’s pretty damn obscure! Anyway, she makes incredibly creative food that looks fancy, but for the most part is still easy and quick to make. Her first book is due out soon, just in time for the holidays, through Herbivore.
  • Yellow Rose Recipes – This is the book that I did a lot of testing for earlier this year, and it is my personal mission to make sure that everyone buys it. Not just because I think the recipes are amazing, not just because Joanna loves Buffy and says things like ‘stone cold delicious’, but because I really learned a lot from testing for her. Joanna is from Texas, so she infuses a lot of tex-mex flavors into her food. Which for me, is something new. And maybe it will be for you too, so check it out! According to her site, the book will be up for pre-order from Herbivore in a few weeks.

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posted: 07 October 15
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