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The haul.

Holy crap, I got a lot of stuff this year! I guess everyone felt bad that I was spending my birthday alone. If I say i’m not coming home for Christmas, maybe I can finally get that pony!

My father-in-law got me a new camera lens that I really really really really reaaaaaaaally wanted. I used it to take the picture at the left of my dogs making out in the yard. Why does Bonny always look super greasy even if she’s just had a bath the day before?

Brian got me the Mel Brooks dvd collection, Party Monster, Beavis & Butthead Do America, a mini-tripod and a remote for my camera. Which despite what some people may think, he did not give me so I could take naked pictures. Pervs!

Speaking of Bonny and baths, she had to have one because her present to me was to poop in her box while I was out of the house and then stomp in it. Thanks, beanie.

Katie Jane sent me an apron so pretty that i’m afraid to actually wear it while cooking.

Brian’s mom sent me a kitchen stool and some other stuff that hasn’t arrived yet. My grandma has the same kitchen stool, except hers was that lovely shade of yellow that everything came in back in the 70s. After I put it together I looked at it and said, “I remember you being a lot bigger.” Whatever, now I can sit in the kitchen and be lazy like the good lord intended.

My friend Julia sent me an Amazon gift certificate, which I applied toward my pre-order for the Angel box set. Which finally shipped! I sold my individual sets like, two months ago. That’s way too long to be without Mr. Billowy Coat, King of Pain.

Amanda sent me a singing Buffy card. I squeaked when I opened it. Brian’s grandma sent me a card too, of the non-singing variety.

Tami sent me a bunch of soap. It wasn’t for my birthday but it arrived the day before so, close enough.

Oh, and I got my care package from my swap partner last week. More canadian doritos, yay! And a ricemilk truffle bar and all kinds of crazy random shit.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome birthday, all things considered. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special.

Although I was mildly disappointed that I did not get weed OR porn. 🙁

(Just kidding. I don’t smoke weed!)

posted: 07 October 28
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