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Hell is other people.

 So, I did this interview for Jewcy magazine because one of the food editors is a vegan. And now i’m embarassed to show it to you because I let someone sucker me into replying to their small minded concepts of veganism.

I’m not into debating. It’s not my thing. I mean, it’s one thing if someone wants information because they’re interested in veganism or they’re just curious about my personal opinion. But nine times out of ten, people who enjoy debating only want to hear what you have to say so that they can systematically tear it down. Which I could handle if my brain would slow down long enough for me to type out long, thought out answers. But since it won’t, I usually just stay out of any sort of debate because I just end up getting frustrated with myself for saying anything in the first place. Also, i’m not fucking eloquent with words, okay? What I said was not meant to be an all encompassing commentary on every reason that everyone is vegan. It was an example. It’s what I think. I’m not interested for speaking for every single vegan in the world. Not to mention that it’s an article about me and what I think about food. It’s not an article on animal rights. But who gives a shit about that. Apparently by merely existing and being happy with the choices that I have made, i’m insulting people who lead different lives.

So, fuck them! Enjoy the interview.

ETA:  I’m referring to the comments section, not anything I said in the actual interview.

posted: 07 October 30
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