» Issue #2. Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

Issue #2.

The zine pages have all been updated and it’s ready to buy, whoamygodholyshit. If you were a tester and you tested five recipes, I emailed you about your free copy so DON’T BUY IT. Take your freebies like a man!

Moving on.

If you order between right now and Sunday afternoon, your order will be mailed on Monday.

I did reprint the first issue, however I only got fifty copies and when they’re gone this time, they’re gone. I thought about not reprinting them but i’ve told a dozen people or so that I would, so I did. When these are gone it brings the total run to about 500 (I lost count because if printing several smaller batches). I think that’s a good run. I’m not saying i’m never going to print it again, but for now.

I made 200 copies of the second issue because I was wary of getting more done and then having to sit on them for half of the winter. Which means i’ll probably blow right through them. I want to sell them but I kinda hope they don’t go to fast because I hate Kinkos and like to go there as little as possible.

Anyway, i’m going to go make breakfast now. Please bombard me with orders!

ETA: I’m having some problems with the Paypal buttons, i’m trying to fix them as we speak. WordPress keeps messing up the code because it hates freedom.

ETA again: Fixed! If I use the visual editor, it messes up the code for the buttons. And if I use the html code, the pictures get messed up. So I just took down the images of the covers.

ETA 3.5455460:  Could someone outside the US place an order?  Apparently while I wasn’t looking, Paypal changed their shipping options and since I didn’t have international shipping set up (all of the shipping used to be lumped together), it wasn’t charging for shipping.  I think I fixed it and I want to be sure.

posted: 07 November 2
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