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VeganMoFo: Cranberry syrup is awesome.

I’m pretty tired so this is going to be quick.  And before anyone asks, I have a huge box from Kinkos and I will set up the zine page and paypal buttons in the morning.  My father-in-law is here to help me with some household things so I didn’t have time to do it today.

One of the things that was in my birthday package from Canada was a bottle of cranberry maple syrup.  The other day I wanted corn cakes, but I was too lazy to follow a recipe so I made up my own.  I didn’t write it down.  If i’m too lazy to follow a recipe, i’m too lazy to write it down.  But they were made with flour, cornmeal, baking soda and powder, a little salt, almond milk, a tablespoon of soy yogurt, agave nectar, and thawed frozen corn.

Anyway, the cranberry syrup is amazing.  It’s incredibly thick, if you can’t tell from the photo.  It’s sweet, but the cranberries keep it from being ‘oh dear god my stomach’ sweet like normal maple syrup.  And I thought that it went perfect with the corn cakes.  I didn’t realize how incredibly Autumny of a breakfast it was until I was almost done eating them.

So I guess this is a product placement:  get some cranberry maple syrup, stat.

posted: 07 November 2
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