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VeganMoFo: the musical.

For my post today, I uploaded a bunch of songs that I enjoy cooking to.  I’m not going to explain my reasons for each one, but generally I like to listen to stuff that is very upbeat, and what I listen to while cooking varies from day to day.  I don’t want to stop and flip through songs, so when I get tired of one song I delete it from the list, and add new ones.  So it’s constantly changing.  I left out things like oldies, Journey, and anything else that I know everyone has a heard a kajillion times.

Smoking Popes – No More Smiles 

 Eels – Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)

 The Distillers – The Young Crazed Peeling

Cake – Sheep Go To Heaven 

Misfits – Where Eagles Dare 

Peaches – You Love It 

Wax – Happy Happy Joy Joy 

Gravy Train!!!! – Titties Bounce 

Squeeze – If I Didn’t Love You 

Lunachicks – Less Teeth, More Tits 

The Dresden Dolls – My Alcoholic Friends 

The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control 

posted: 07 November 7
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  • I’m with ya, cooking music’s gotta be upbeat! Otherwise I’d be chopping onions and crying all night…

  • jd

    yay, Dresden Dolls. At least I recognized a few of these..

  • Jamie

    Hey, thanks. I’d never heard that Eels song . . . (actually, I only recognize two songs: Cake and the Misfits . . . sad).

  • Tami

    Really cool song list.. and I can’t believe you said Wax!

    I know about 1/2 these songs and will have to check out the rest.

  • I have hey man- the eels on my cooking playlist too!!!!!!