» VeganMoFo: The series. Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

VeganMoFo: The series.

I am writing this under extreme tiredness. You know what that means! Linear and coherent thoughts need not apply.

So my jerkfaced husband pointed out that I did not post twice yesterday like I said I would. So here’s what I would’ve posted as my second post yesterday:

Believe it or not, those are falafel. I decided to make the recipe from Vegan With A Vengeance because i had all of the stuff for it. Unfortunately, I have a really small food processor and am a jackass, so when I tried to combine everything the onions wouldn’t chop and I ended up with what was basically hummus. Let this be a lesson kids, do not overfill your food processor! I ended up mixing in more breadcrumbs to thicken it up, and then I went ahead and made them as one would, except flatter. I didn’t make tahini sauce because I had a huge container of hummus (99 cents! What a deal!), so I was just going to eat those with some pita bread. Well…okay, the hummus was weird. I tasted it and it almost seemed like there was baking soda in it or something. It tasted carbonated. (P.S. Gozer totally just shovved his way between my and the laptop. I just thought you’d like to know. Carry on.) I was worried that it was going to kill me, so I didn’t eat it. And I thought that putting ketchup on falafel might be sacrilege, so I put some agave nectar on them instead. Nice, healthy dinner.

And then here is my MoFo for today:

My mother-in-law is visiting me, and we set about buying Christmas presents for my husband (he’s in Iraq so we have to send them kind of early). We went to the Opryland Mall in Nashville, where they have a Johnny Rockets, one of those cheesy faux diners where the wait staff breaks out into song occasionally (and unenthusiastically). The highlight was probably when they started playing Copacabana, and my mother-in-law doesn’t believe that I like Barry Manilow so I sang along to as much as I could without laughing. Johnny Rockets has a vegan veggie burger. There’s really nothing special about it, it’s just a Boca patty on a while bun with normal burger fixin’s, but i’m always happy to have some kind of vegan option available. Better a veggie burger than just a side salad. Or a baked potato. I don’t know about you, but if I get dragged to some place where my options are a baked potato or a side salad consisting of lettuce and a few tomato wedges, I will just not eat. I would rather save my money and hold out for an hour or two. Then again, I try to avoid eating out for exactly this reason. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t afford it. You get trapped in the car with Grandma Frances and you’re in the middle of Kentucky with nary a vegetarian friendly restaurant in sight. If that’s the case, Johnny Rockets is a good place to steer them towards, because it’s not “weird” or “ethnic” or too “fancy”, and there’s something you can actually eat that would do more than keep a rabbit alive.

Anyway. I will leave you with a random picture of Gozer, rubbing his buttcheeks on some of your zines.

And for Isa, we went into Barnes and Noble and there was a huge cookbook display of Food Network stars and…Veganomicon.

posted: 07 November 10
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