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VeganMoFo: Where the magic happens. Oooh. Aaaah!

So I actually made this kick ass dinner…but I sent my camera cord to my husband and i’m not sure where another one is right at this moment.  So I can’t transfer the pictures.  So I decided to give you a tour of my kitchen!  The most recent photos I have involve my dogs,but i’m sure you’re all cool with that.

This was taken by Andria, when she brought Bonny down to live with us.  She and I were getting accquainted.  Meaning, she stuck her tongue in my mouth.   You can see the microwave cart in the front, that doesn’t actually have a microwave on it (I do have one, but it’s on top of the fridge).   It has a hand made wooden bread box on it that I got off of the curb two years ago.  The trash bags hanging off of my laundry closet doors hold empty cans for recycling.  On the walls to the left, my awesome Wilton cake pan collection.  To the right, Buddhist prayer flags.  You can kind of see the toys I have lined up on the top of my stove.  I also have a troop of glow worms on top of the fridge.

We were doing a size comparison of the two.

Behind Chesters Chunky butt, you can see the spice rack (actually I think it’s a cd rack but whatevs) where I keep the spices that I use on a regular basis.  I have more up in the cabinets. There’s also a little metal rack that I meant to put up on the wall and never did, and now it just holds random things like my plastic prep bowls.  Also, seriously, a cookbook holder is the greatest thing ever.  You should get one.

The rest of these are older, but things pretty much look the same.

This is my stand mixer that I got for Christmas a few years ago.  I love it.  I want to marry it and have its babies.  Or at least design my kitchen around it when i’m living in a place that I plan on staying in for more than a few years.

My fridge.  Everything that isn’t a polaroid or a magnet saying that people shouldn’t put their stinky meat in my fridge, is made my my friend Felicia.  Oh, except the bubble magnets.  I made those out of old issues of Toyfare magazine so that I could put them on my friends pictures and make them say funny things.

That’s pretty much it.  I should really take pictures of the inside of my cabinets, because I am scarily organized about that part.

posted: 07 November 11
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