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VeganMoFo: Things I love.

It’s crazy how many vegan and vegetarian products are easily accessible these days. I remember when our local grocery store started carring MorningStar Farms products, and that didn’t happen until ten years ago (I was completely unaware that my town had a health food store that I drove past all the time until four or five years ago)! I was addicted to their buffalo wings. And when we got a Meijer and they were carrying Gardenburger chik’n patties? Oh man, fat city there I went. I don’t eat a whole lot of frozen foods these days, but there are some products that I regularly enjoy.

  1. Tofurky – I don’t think that i’ve ever had a Tofurky product that I didn’t like. They have the best deli slices, the key is that they slice them very thin. Other deli slices are cut really thick so they remind you if baloney (and taste about the same). My husband loves the Tofurky roast, way more than I do. The sausages are excellent, particularly the italian variety.
  2. Silk Soy Nog – Around November I start cruising the local Kroger, waiting for them to start stocking the Snog. I think the only crime is that they don’t offer a shelf-stable version so that I can build a cache to get me through the long summer months. I’ve never had standard egg nog so I can’t say whether or not it stands up against the real thing, but Brian likes it.
  3. Silk soy yogurt – I eat a cup of Silk yogurt (vanilla or strawberry are the only varieties I can get here) and a banana pretty much every single day.
  4. 123z and Chreese – Road’s End makes a couple of different varieties of mac and cheese, but most of them are blah, and taste heavily of nutritional yeast. But the 123z don’t taste like a spoonful of nooch, I think they taste kind of garlicy. Nice and creamy. I like to mix some thawed edamame in to make up for the lack of nutritional content.
  5. Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful – This shit is dangerous. I think it tastes like a Reese’s Pieces. I can’t buy it or i’ll eat half of the jar with a spoon in one go. So I just buy it and send it to Canada in exchange for vegan Doritos.
  6. Organic Rice Divine Carrot Cake Ice Cream – This is the best rice based ice cream in the world. It is also dangerous and banned from my house. Instead of tasting watery and bland like some rice brands that will remain nameless, this shit is spot on. The taste is rich and almost buttery. Pieces of real carrot cake are an added bonus.
  7. Back To Nature Sandwich Cookies – These beat the pants off of Oreos, and yes, even Newman O’s. I can’t really explain why. They just do. They also have a peanut butter variety. I have a strong desire to go break into Kroger to get a box.
  8. Alternative Baking Company cookies – These are sold individually, which is good because they’re so big that one serving is half a cooking. Not that you will eat half a cookie. Oh no, you will devour the whole thing. For being packaged cookies, they are amazingly soft and delicious. I’m partial to the peanut butter cookies, which have pieces of peanuts in them so you get some salty crunchy goodness.

Okay, I have to stop before I eat my own arm.

posted: 07 November 12
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