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VeganMoFo: More Adventurous.

The only thing in the universe that I flat out refuse to eat, is olives. It’s a since birth thing, the smell alone makes me gag. About five years ago my brother came home and talked about making something with capers and when I asked him what a caper was, he said they were ‘like little olives’. That’s all I needed to hear! I stayed far away.

Last week, I was in the grocery store doing a casual stroll. It wasn’t that busy so I was able to go at my leisure and examine pretty much everything on the shelves, I mostly do this in the international aisle because it’s the most interesting part of the commissary. Anyway, I spied a jar of capers. Everyone on the PPK has been raving about this Caesar Salad, but it has capers. I really wanted to try it, so I figured I could take the jar home and try one and if I puked I would give them to someone else. So I bought them, got home, opened the jar, and popped one in my mouth. And it…tasted…NOTHING LIKE AN OLIVE. My brother lied to me. Eh, what else is new.

So I asked for suggestions on what to do with them, and decided to put them with pasta in a lemon butter sauce. There’s also artichokes and spinach, I was going to use sun dried tomatoes but I opened the jar and they were kind of gross looking. I’ve never made lemon butter sauce so at first there was too much lemon, so I added some agave nectar so it wasn’t so tart. Then it was too sweet, so I added more salt. And cracked pepper. I was worried that it tasted weird but Brian’s mom went apeshit over it so I guess it was okay.

posted: 07 November 16
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