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VeganMoFo: Stuffed!

I have been talking about making this Crispy Crunchy Tofu for weeks.  I finally buckled down and did it last night.  It took me a long time because i’m not adept at stuffing OR breading, plus I decided to have a phone conversation in the middle.  But they are so good!  I made some changes to the filling, using peas instead of edamame and a sesame-ginger-orange peel seasoning that I picked up recently.  Plus, I had an incident with part of the tofu so I threw it in the food processor with the cilantro.  I had a lot of filling left over, I ate it with a spoon.

These are from this morning, I reheated them in the oven and then dipped them in apple sauce.  I’m definitely going to make them again.

posted: 07 November 18
under: food, pictures, veganmofo

  • Wow, those pictures are great! The food sounds really yummy too…hehe.

  • Did you find it easy to stuff those babies? I’ve been wanting to try them, but I’m worried that I’ll get all excited about stuffing everything in and then rip the tofu.

  • Yum! Those pictures are delicious!

  • I still haven’t made any, I want to though!

  • Well phone conversation or not it looks like you did a pretty fine job! This is making me very hungry.

  • they look great! i’m glad you gave them a try, i think stuffing them is really easy, since the tofu can get overstuffed without breaking. i like to fill them up as much as possible, and then just over the filling slit…