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VeganMoFo: Thanksvegan 2007.

I realized that if I just tried to backdate a bunch of entries, I would never do it.  So i’m just going to show you my Thanksgiving pictures.

I often don’t heed my own advice.  I had a collection of recipes that I had never made before, that I didn’t even bother reading beyond the ingredient list before Thanksgiving morning.  I drove all night on Wednesday to get to Illinois, got a three hour nap, and then went grocery shopping.  Then we went out to dinner (Aloo Gobi and Samosas), I watched t.v. for an hour, and went to bed because I was just too tired to even think about making the seitan, which obviously i’ve done a kabillion times.

The end result was that even though I started cooking around 7:30, we didn’t eat until 2:30.  Now, this may seem like normal Thanksgiving dinner time, but for some reason my in-laws like to eat at the crack of noon.  I think it’s mostly because the extended family usually shows up and stands near the table like vultures and my mother-in-law feels pressured to feed them as quickly as possible.  This year it was just us and the grandparents, and they feel asleep in front off the t.v. so at least there was no complaining on that front.  Brian’s grandparents are pretty laid back, anyway. Onto the food.

Everything is either from Vegan With A Vengeance Or Veganomicon.  That wasn’t on purpose, it’s just that when I was looking through my books everything that I saw that I thought would go over well was from one of those books.  Also, I have faith that a recipe by Isa and Terry will not flop on me without me trying it first.

Look at those tiny ass stuffed mushrooms!  They only come in one size at the store and I forgot how much mushrooms shrink, so I only made half a batch.  And I didn’t take the time to reheat them so they were cold for dinner.  But they still got eaten.

Baked potato soup with greens.  I was going to make a salad as well, but decided against it because I figured the soup was enough.  It was super simple and a good choice for Thanksgiving because I could make it and then leave the lid on and put it to the side, and it stayed warm until dinner.  They’re supposed to have cornmeal encrusted potato wedge croutons, but those were the last things I was making and my feet were killing me so I got frustrated and gave up on them.

Potato Rolls!  They’re kissing.  How cute is that.  I think this was the favorite at dinner.  My mother-in-law only has one muffin tin, so I made a batch of rolls and a loaf of bread (which burned but I just cut off the crusts whenever I sliced it).

Seitan Portabello Stroganoff.  Yes, I bused out the seitan.  I figured that everyone could handle it, and it would go over better than something with a lot of veggies in it.  Trying to explain what gluten is, is weird.  The stroganoff isn’t the kind with dill and a cream sauce.  I liked it (and so did everyone else), but now I really want to try and make a vegan version of more traditional stroganoff.

My plate.  My mother-in-law made green beans with mushrooms to go along with the stroganoff.  The mushroom theme wasn’t intentional, by the way.  It just kind of happened.

Cherry Blackout Cake.  Due to a hot oven causing the outsides to get hard and a lack of parchment paper, the cakes were stuck in the pans.  So I cut around the edges, divided each cake into eight pieces, and lifted them out with a spatula.  Then I assembled them individually.  See,  there is no ruined food in this house.  We fucking improvise.

Lemon bars.  I was really scared about making these, because i’ve only used agar (a jelling agent) once before.  Also, I dumped too much tumeric in so I was worried that you would be able to taste it.  Oh, and a word of advice:  Do not make the crust in a blender.  You won’t have crumbs, you’ll have pie dough.  So in that aspect, they could’ve been better but the filling was nice and tart as hell.

So, check that out.  It is possible to have an amazing vegan thanksgiving with your omnivorous relatives without anyone complaining or being ‘deprived’.  I was really happy with the way it turned out in the end, and i’m very grateful to my family for letting me do that.

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