» I guess I should post before the month is over. Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

I guess I should post before the month is over.

I have no real excuse for not writing. Except that every time I thought that I should write an entry, I would think about all of the things I would have to talk about. And before I could type a single word, this novel of a blog post had formed in my head. And then I would curl into a ball and cry. So i’ve decided to stick one toe in.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep all night, I decide to go to the grocery store in the morning. I got out some cookbooks that haven’t seen much use, wrote down some recipe names along with the page number and ingredients I would need for the store*, and headed off. Things got a little fuzzy at this point. I came home and unloaded the groceries and promptly fell asleep.

I do some weird things when I shop after being awake for 20 or so hours. I awoke to find three dozen discounted bananas on my table, and three cartons of discounted Silk snog in the fridge. Now, I like bananas. And I like snog. But I am one person and that’s a damn lot of both! I’ve been taking pictures of my adventures in the banana diet. Those will come later.

Whew. Baby steps. Anyway, here is a picture of the beez after I gave her a ridiculously bad haircut. But I think she looks cute as hell so who cares if she has stray hairs and crooked lines.

*And then I lost or threw away the list and can’t remember half of the recipes that I bought stuff for.

P.S. Issue #2 is currently sold out until I feel like dealing with Kinkos. That means i’ve sold almost 1,000 zines since last summer. Fucking nuts, dude.

posted: 08 January 28
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