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Pancakes, Cakespy, and a lesson for the guys on social skills.

Today was a ‘wake up early and make pancakes day’. No reason, just because.

I took the basic Vegan With A Vengeance pancake recipe, used chocolate extract instead of vanilla, and added chopped chocolate and strawberries. The best thing about pancakes with stuff in them is that they always come out kind of lumpy so there’s no pressure to make them beautiful. There’s no syrup because that probably would’ve killed me, I had enough trouble eating the stack that you see.

Today I also received my first (of many, i’m sure) painting from Cake Spy. They (she?) mostly sell miniature tiny watercolors. Which is neat because it’s an affordable piece of unique art, but on the other hand there are a couple that i’ve seen that have been sold so I wish there were prints too! I knew that it would be small, but I didn’t realize how small it would be! I’m really bad at sizing. It fits in the palm of my hand!

Onto todays lesson in social skills. I seem to keep encountering males (men would be a stretch) that just don’t know what the word ‘inappropriate’ means. For instance, when talking about rape: no matter what, the reponse is never “They’re only human.” Trust me, i’ve polled people. 10 out of 10 sane individuals know better.

So yesterday I go to the comic store because the new Serenity comic is out. I’m friendly with the owner, so I picked it up and stood at the counter talking to him, holding the comic to my chest. Just because. One of his friends comes in, and later, a regular customer who I already fond of because according to him, he won’t thumb wrestle with a guy because that’s “more of a man” than he ever wants to touch. Awesome.

So the friend asks me what i’m clutching to my chest. He’s a nice guy, older, likes Whedon as much as I do (almost). I lower the comic to show him and the other customer says, “You just wanted to look at her boobs.”



What the hell?

Here’s where the lesson comes in: unless you are friends with someone and know their sense of humor, it is not okay to just talk about someone’s boobs. Like, I have lots of guy friends. And sometimes they’re like, ‘hahaha boobz’ and i’m like, ‘hahaha *smack*’ and that’s okay. Because we’re friends. It’s called tact. And though I realize that this guy is majorly in the closet so he feels that he has to acknowledge how awesome the girls look in my unisex, black Resident Evil shirt lest someone question his sexuality, it made me really uncomfortable. It also made the guy asking about my comic uncomfortable. The owner yelled at him as I turned red and quietly let out a scream. And his response was just, “What?” Then he left and the owner apologized to me profusely. Then we talked about how fucking awesome my shirt was.

Honestly, every now and again I forget that there are people who still live in the stone age that think that women are just a walking semen receptacle. And that men are MEN who are at the mercy of their hormones and fuck us if we expect them to be better than that. Just like there are people around that still think just because i’m white and they’re white that it’s cool to say racist things to me. Except they’re not really racist because they have one black friend. Or because i’m legally married to a man, then obviously it’s okay to bash gays around me. Except they don’t hate gays, they just think they’re going to burn in hell.

Point being, I am not a walking pair of tits so don’t treat me like one. And you’re not a walking dick, so try not to act like one.

How did I get from pancakes to angry feminist in one post?

P.S. I really need to update my whole site. The pages, the layout, the blogroll. Yuck.

posted: 08 March 14
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12 Responses to “Pancakes, Cakespy, and a lesson for the guys on social skills.”

  1. Shayna says:

    Amen sister. Men can be such neanderthals. Its amazing sometimes that they were able to evolve past the homo erectus (teehee) stage.

    Your pancakes look yummo! Gonna try those with raspberries!

  2. Krista says:

    Thank goodness I married my husband.

    Obligatory P.S. Those pancakes make me want to lick my computer screen.

  3. amanda says:

    I beg you for those pancakes next time you visit- I would say when we visit you, but you’re gonna come here a lot sooner then I’ll be able to get there, so…

  4. Cakespy says:

    OK, first I have to say *shriek!* thank you for so beautifully featuring my artwork! It is always the hugest compliment to have people who I think are awesome buy the art! Yesss!

    Second–I have to say *shriek with laughter* over this part: “And sometimes they’re like, ‘hahaha boobz’ and i’m like, ‘hahaha *smack*’ “. That made me laugh. But that dude did not. So not cool.

  5. jenny wren says:

    I haven’t made pancakes in so long, and that picture is awesome and evil.

    I am amazed at the number of people who are so completely in denial about what racist homophobic sexist assssssholes they are. It’s awful.

    But the pancakes look great, so that’s good.

  6. sugarbeetthree says:

    Ooooh! I love the new art!
    Lumpy pancakes are the best, ‘specially when loaded with fruit.

    As for the drooling over the boobs, I solve this by mostly socializing with gay men. They may make boob-related comments, but it is never that *kind* of remark. Even my geek-straight friends know better than that guy. Sheesh!

    Also, I have yet to master the “quiet scream” thing. How do you do that? Is your mouth closed?

  7. Melisser says:

    Mmm, those pancakes look good! I also have a cakespy & didn’t realize how small it would be! I thought I’d be hanging it in my kitchen, hahaha.

  8. Kinga says:

    So, in the last two days I read Your whole blog.You are awesome.And your food creations are awesome too.
    Now, about sucky guys: what I truly , passionately hate is when some real loser calls me sweety, honey , darling, sweet cheeks and so on…That really irks me.I still try to figure out how to deal with that one.If You know how to deal with that, do share.

  9. ren says:

    about the obnoxious guy…i hear ya. i say kick him in the crotch and yell “balls!” but um…that’s not really appropriate behavior either i guess…

    but what i really wanted to say is that i just bought a painting from cakespy too! and it’s adorable! and it has a unicorn in it! and a cupcake! and clearly it made me very excited!

  10. dijks says:

    Can I just say in defense of bros everywhere, here is one bro who just made Chipotle Chili with Chipotle Seitan from DEOTS#2 last night and will make it again cos it’s AMAZING. Just sayin’.

  11. Allison says:

    WOW those pancakes look wonderful. And MEN! If I were Jerry Seinfeld, every stand-up act would start with “What is the DEAL with MEN!?”

  12. Jett says:

    I love how an overt ‘Boobs’ is offensive but the coded, ‘Cool Shirt’ is not… No guy is talking about the shirt, ever. Ever. (a guy) BTW… Nice cakes.

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