» Happy Zombie Day! Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

Happy Zombie Day!

It’s the greatest holiday of the year, zombie day.  When we gather with our families to watch zombie movies and celebrate the greatest zombie of them all:  Jesus.  I walked five miles, hit the jackpot on clearance hippie food, made brunch,  and now i’m watching Dawn of the Dead on the tiny corner of the couch that my dogs aren’t hogging.

posted: 08 March 23
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  • I’m coming over for the hippie food-I will cook if you want. No scary movies for me-how about hoakie 40’s musicals?

  • I bet buffy looks great on that enormous tele! Good choice 😉

  • Holy Hippie Heaven! That’s rad. Gotta love it when the meatmouths leave the good untouched, so you get it on the cheap.

  • susan

    omg i love manager’s special. they had a quarter sale last week and it was hippie. heaven.

  • F-ing shit! How did I miss this?!?! *Sobbing*

  • HAHAA! 🙂 That “Jesus=biggest zombie” makes me laugh! You are definately right, keep on going that Zombie day! I think I must celebrate it on next year..

  • Helen

    Sorry. I know I’m 5 months late but I was just wondering if you are still selling your dont eat off the sidewalk issue 2?

  • Your dogs are just way too cute.