» Must…resist… Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!


Everytime I go to Petsmart, I spend a good 10-15 in the cat adoption area playing with the cats.  Because other cats are always better than the shitfaces I have at home.  And there’s no such thing as too much attention.  This one cat has been there the past three times i’ve gone, so probably two months?  Anyway, I have three cats and two dogs so I totally don’t need another, but…she reminds me so much of Fatty (who just turned 13) in her heyday.  When she would attack my face in the middle of the night.  It’s the eyes.

The tag on her cage says in big letters ‘DO NOT STICK YOUR FINGERS IN HER CAGE’.  Today was the first time she came up when I called her, and when she rubbed against the bars I laid my hand flat on the outside.  She seemed cool with it, so I briefly touched her side at each pass.  And then she tried to rip my fucking finger off, so I waved my hand back and forth just out of her reach while saying “Evvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiilllll!”

I think this cat and I might be meant to be.*

*But her tag says she hates dogs so it’s probably not gonna be.

posted: 08 June 3
under: animals, pictures

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