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Guess what, guys!

I did not win a VegNews Bloggity-Blog-Blog Award. I think you have to update more than twice a month or something? Maybe post recipes? I don’t know.

Anyway, food has been boring as of late because besides the wedding i’ve been following the Eat To Live program for the past few months so all I eat is:


Smoothies with as many vegetables as I can swallow:

And lots of tofu scramble, because it’s easy and tasty:

I’ve also been doing brunch testing, but i’ll save that for another entry. I need to go mow my grass. Vroom!

posted: 08 June 10
under: animals, food, pictures

7 Responses to “Guess what, guys!”

  1. tinctoris says:

    I’ll trade you my Bloggity Blog Bloggy Blogward for your fruit. Seriously.

  2. SuperWife says:

    hmmm… fruit pls. kthx.


  3. kittee says:

    no award for me either! i hybridized your wingz last night, and they came out great. i started with isa’s beer battered tofu, but added fresh thyme, salt and paprika to her batter. then i mixed up your sauce recipe…i ended up using a shit ton of tabasco and this jamaican hot sauce i found in the cupboard…it ended up tasting a bit bbqy…so not sure if that’s what it was supposed to be like. it was excellent and i loved it. dazee liked it too, which means top score.


  4. katie f says:

    How is the eat to live working for you? I have been thinking about doing that since I bought the book.

  5. fruit just tastes a million times better when it’s sweltering hot outside. your fruit glass looks yummy to me!
    your pictures on gorgeous — you deserve a blog award for them alone!

  6. amey says:

    ha ha!
    this cracked me up. I didn’t win the bloggy award either!

    oh well. I like your blog. good work sticking to Eat to Live. I have many family members who follow ETL, but I’ve not ever made a sincere effort.

  7. What’s your smoothie secret?

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