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Happy veganversary to me!

Today was my two year veganversary. I would like to thank the ppk, for taking a chance on an unknown vegetarian, and for the awesome food porn that showed me that being vegan ain’t no thang. Also to my family and friends, for generally not being dicks about it and for any time that you made me food or even made sure there were bananas in the house so I wouldn’t starve. And to my mother, for starting me on my journey fourteen years ago by telling me that I could never give up meat. Thppppt.

I celebrated with not one, but two kinds of curry:

A raw cinnamon roll from Whole Foods (made locally):

Of course, not everything can be perfect.  Sometimes you’re putting your leftovers into the microwave that you keep on top of the fridge because it doesn’t get used a lot, and the plate slips and you have to either let it fall on your feet and your dogs, or slam it against the door, which is covered from top to bottom with pictures and magnets:

I still ate most of it!

And here are some pictures from the first real meal I made for Brian.  Soy curls, taters, asparagus, and mustard sauce.

Did I ever mention that Gozer will totally sit in a chair at the table with us and patiently wait for us to give him food?  Here, he’s pawing at a soy curl.

And finally, some tofu marinated in tempeh bacon marinade and pan fried.  I used dark soy sauce, which I love because it makes everything a dark reddish brown:

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